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Thread: MOT Time.....

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    MOT Time.....

    Cutting it a little fine this year. Checked the car over last weekend for a test this weekend only to find out the garage shut for Easter. And in 25 year it's only ever been to the one MOT station so I'm not looking for an alternative. So, the test is booked for next Saturday with a possible retest the following weekend before driving down to Stoneleigh.

    I've had 2 days to tinker with the car this weekend and make sure there's nothing really wrong with it. I hope. The only adjustment needed was one front wheel bearing needing to be nipped up and I also decided to replace the rose joints on the front ARB as it was rattling a lot the last time I took it out. Good wash and a polish and check the levels and the only concern is an oil leak from somewhere. I have a horrible feeling it's from the crankshaft oil seal, flywheel end. Ho hum. Keep topping it off and look at it this Winter. Last job is to pull the speedo from the dash and record the mileage on the trip which is only visible when it's out. Maybe photograph it too in case the MOT examiner doesn't believe me.

    Seems awfully quiet on the Forum at the moment - is everyone out enjoying the weekend?

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    Re: MOT Time.....

    Just been out in mine, lovely sunny day here.

    Quick test and clean before Bristol next weekend.

    Good luck with the MOT.


    You are not alone,my crank seal is leaking too....Hmmmm.

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    Re: MOT Time.....

    Quote Originally Posted by tomsredstratos View Post
    You are not alone,my crank seal is leaking too....Hmmmm.
    I think that's where my little deposit is coming from too...

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