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The Slug
08-01-2013, 12:03
Hello All,

So the site has been updated, and new things will follow....

For now we have blogs for those of you who like to recall what a great day you have had building.....!!!
Or for that misfortune you had on the way to work, all witty fun welcome.

We also have Articles so now we can have a "This is how to fix the Door alignment" type of document which can include Pics and video. (Bit like WIKI Jeff )
It will appear as a separate item and you will be able to search for it etc.

So for all of those who have years of Knowledge that they would like to share in an informative way, nows your chance to show it to the members...

You have asked for it in the past, so now we have paid for it, please use it.

I can also now supply feeds from other web sites, news sites, etc if they supply copyright free RSS feeds and these will start to appear as I get to grips with it etc. (Like the RAC Feed)

We have new tabs that take you straight to the Shop, (Yes I know no a lot on the page as yet, give me time)

And a "JOIN" tab so that should make it easier for people to become members for the first time.
At the moment this is visible to all but I will see if I can make it disappear for those who have a paid membership.

The Gallery is also more visable.

So this is my Welcome to 2013 for you all.

Dont forget to start a new thread for each seperate item you would like to see added, you may get it you may not......


08-01-2013, 16:13
Thanks Ian you are doing a great job of it.

08-01-2013, 19:26
Excellent effort Ian - much appreciated.

Blogs, articles, gallery, - it does seem as if the newsletter is becoming redundant.

The Slug
08-01-2013, 19:31
Excellent effort Ian - much appreciated.

Blogs, articles, gallery, - it does seem as if the newsletter is becoming redundant.

I have to agree with you Chris.........

We get no-feed back from questions asked in the newsletter, articles are few and far from the many members, It may have out lived itself now. Just a shame for those who are members but don't use the site.

The Slug
01-07-2016, 11:36
Hello People,

The site will be going down over the weekend so it can be updated and patched. It will be off line for as short a period as I can but as long as it needs to be.
I will try and do this around midnight so as not to cause you too much disruption.

Last month the site had 24025 unique visitors.


The Slug
02-07-2016, 02:23
The Site is now updated.


LM mic
02-07-2016, 06:18
You did so quick !!!!
Thanks Ian !!!!

04-07-2016, 01:08
Thanks as well Ian, had no idea about the level of traffic on the site!