View Full Version : Hi everybody! New member from Italy!

31-03-2013, 11:15
Good morning Gentleman!

My name is Alex and I am from Italy.

I apologize with everybody because I am not an expert with computer/forum/threads.....etc etc but for Startos love...I will try to do my best.
(This is why I posted some pics before introduce myself. It could look unpolite, I know......).

As I wrote, I am originally venitian but I live in the north, close to the Alps.

I love Stratos and this site that I surfed in order to understand how does it work it is very very very well done and with members with huge competence in this field. I am honored to be part of it!

I am working to have a LHD Pirelli Stratos.....any, but really any help/advice/suggestion from such an auditorium will be more than welcome!!

Anything needed from Italy, PLS let me know.



02-04-2013, 16:12
Hi Alex and welcome to the forum. You will find all the technical help that you can possibly need to help you with your build on here. But, not from me. As I wouldn't know one end of a spanner from another. The rest of them let me hang about on here spouting odds pieces of drivel. Keeps me off of the streets I s'pose.


02-04-2013, 17:37
Hi Alex,

Welcome to the forum.
Ask away!