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The Slug
10-05-2013, 20:00
We have negotiated a deal with Adrian Flux to supply us with a discount for insurance, not just for the Stratos, it applies to daily drivers and Household or even Motorcycles and Commercial vehicles. In many cases the discount will be as much as 15% from the premium – depending on the underwriter.
Also they can provide other useful benefits for club members – free legal expenses cover (up to £100K in the event of a non-fault accident).

They also provide Laid-up and Build-up cover at a competitive annual rate.

This is what they have to offer us:

Stratos Enthusiasts Club - Insurance Scheme with Adrian Flux – Tel: 0800 089 0035
Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Stratos Enthusiasts Club and provide its members with competitive and bespoke policies for their Stratos Replica’s and any other vehicle they may own.
As one of the UK’s most respected specialist insurance intermediaries we have a panel of insurers who we will use to find members the most appropriate policy – with of course a club discount.
All this is possible because we know that Stratos Enthusiasts club members have the experience of handling these performance vehicles and are much less likely to make a claim than the average driver, and so we've been able to create special schemes that reward safe drivers like you.
Get cheaper Stratos Enthusiasts Club Insurance from Adrian Flux.


We have a panel of insurers who are able to provide Stratos Enthusiast club members the following benefits:

Instant quotations and cover
Non-standard risks accepted, including:-
High risk areas
Unusual occupations
Track day cover (please specify if required – not available with every policy)
Laid up/Transit/In construction cover available
Maximum introductory no claims bonus
Full Breakdown and Recovery from £36.00 (optional)
Protected NCB available
Driving of other cars cover available (differs from insurer-to-insurer, our staff will advise)
European Green Card Cover
Agreed value cover available – typically for vehicles over 10 years old - (Please ask if the policy provides this at quotation).

Discounts are available for

Security Precautions
Experience of driving your Stratos replica
Low mileage
Restricted driving
Advanced Driving qualifications
Discounts for other cars owned and Household Insurance.



Please complete the following online quotation form and we will return to you with a quotation:-


In most instances we will require the completion of our Agreed Valuation form. This form must be completed, signed where indicated and sent, together with 6 photographs.

These need to consist of photographs of your vehicle taken showing the front, back, each side, engine bay and interior, with one including the registration number.

We require remittance of £15, payable to Adrian Flux Insurance Services to be sent along with the other info to:

Agreed Valuations, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, East Winch Hall, East Winch, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1HN


There is a specific area on the discussion forum for general questions about insuring Stratos’s. Adrian Flux Insurance Services will be on hand to answer any questions posted. We have a member of staff – Dan@AdrianFlux who will monitor the forum and offer general advice where requested.

To take advantage of the club insurance scheme call the general club quotation line at Adrian Flux on 0800 089 0035 for your quotation. Lines are open 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday.

13-05-2013, 10:03
When I contacted them about three years ago about insuring while off road, it wasn't worth the saving.

IIRC the premium was about 90% of what it would have been if insured for road use, so it would appear that the principal risk to a vehicle is keeping it in a garage without its wheels on.

The Slug
11-07-2013, 15:06
Dan have a look on this thread, http://www.stratosec.com/Forum/showthread.php/1972-Footman-James-Insurance?p=14754#post14754

Will you be underwriting ListerBell cars?

The Slug
17-07-2013, 21:45
Dan...Dan.... are you there????

We would all like to know the answer to the above, or do we need to look for another company for assistance for cover???

17-07-2013, 22:04
I'm with Adrian Flux no problem at all, they insured it on the VIN and there was no time limit before having to get the registration number. Annual mileage limited to 3000, value £30,000 with a premium of around £360.


Ken Tomblin
18-07-2013, 09:20
I am with Hagerty -: 2 drivers, engine mods. 3000 miles, £30000 cover COST £209.62 !!!!!!!


The Slug
18-07-2013, 11:54
I am with Hagerty -: 2 drivers, engine mods. 3000 miles, £30000 cover COST £209.62 !!!!!!!

Your is a Hawk Ken, older and with 30 years of history of Hawks for them to look at.

I wonder what price you would be quoted if you called AF now with the Club discount?

The LB have no history as yet, so an answer direct from Flux would be good.

25-07-2013, 08:51
Hi all

Apologies I havnt been on for a while

There's no reason why we cant quote/cover the LB. Can I ask that "Marko" DM me with name, postcode and contact number and I'll look into our price.



Steve C
25-07-2013, 10:00
I have insured my LB with AF. Approx £300 for laid up and a value of £30k - bit disappointed that the club discount amounted to only 5%. Would have been about £30 more for 3000 miles a year and 2 named drivers.


The Slug
25-07-2013, 11:46
Dan your Laid up policy seem a bit steep!!

25-07-2013, 13:23

I am more than happy to look into any quotations if members would like to PM me their reference and contact numbers.



Dan your Laid up policy seem a bit steep!!

Steve C
25-07-2013, 14:25

PM sent