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31-08-2014, 00:19
I'm Phil
long time Strat fancier. I very nearly bought a hawk 3000 in 2006 from a guy in Preston, it was a navy blue colour. It used to belong to a good friend of mine previously, when it was in 2.0ltr twin cam guise. We couldn't quite agree on the price and a few months later it was sold. That's as close as I got
I'm on my 5th Sylva, currently an R1 engined Phoenix. Road rallied a 205 16v for a good few years and have a unhealthy appetite for motorcycles and more healthy passion for bicycles too. Oh and had an integrale for 8 years too
realistically like all the kits I've had I'd rather buy a car that's built and enjoy tinkering and driving than the next 5/10 years building!


The Slug
31-08-2014, 01:08
Hi Phil welcome to the Forum. if you can get to CastleCombe in September you should see a good selection of cars and us folk...