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28-09-2011, 09:14
Hi everyone. Following Sando's lead, I'm usually known as Mick (no doubt some have other names for me) Built a Corse in 2005 in Olio Fiat colours and enjoyed the whole experience. Used to be club newsletter editor for a couple of years. Very rewarding job when people send articles for publishing. Sold the car on to go historic rallying for a while (the Strat wasn't eligible under the rules). Since then, have had a Fulvia, X1/9 and currently have a restored Mk1 Mexico in the garage. More recently, have bought a 'part built' Hawk HF3000 and this is my ongoing project. Hope to have it completed sometime in spring 2012.
Working in 'semi' retirement at the moment so spare time is not an issue although I seem to spend all the extra time helping my son Niki get his new paintshop business off the ground. (that does entitle me to mates rates when the car is ready for paint though).
Look forward to meeting with new members over the coming season.

Cheers, Mick