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14-10-2014, 13:17
Hi there everyone,

Just joined the club and look forward to seeing you at an event in the not too distant. I've been involved with Lancias for a long time now (20+ years), mainly Montecarlos and Betas, with a bit of Delta thrown in for good measure!! Always loved the Stratos and will build one one day. Already have the missus on board as she prefers the lines of the Stratos over the Monte!!:D

I have started a new project with the Monte, which is to fit an Alfa 12 valve 3 litre engine. There are a number of challenges that you guys have overcome in fitting these engines and I have been reading through your archives for information and help! I will doubtless post up in the relevant forums to seek help in gearbox choice, linkage and driveshafts to start with, and on to exhaust choice.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Guy Mayers
14-10-2014, 13:48
Welcome to the madhouse Darren and good luck with the Montecarlo conversion. I've you are using a FWD Alfa donor then the gearbox issue is already resolved. The drivshaft issue is also fairly easily sorted, you stick with the Beta shafts and CV joints and use spacing adapters to mate the two together as the Alfa has a larger PCD than the Lancia one and the intermediate shaft is narrower than a Beta one. Having said that, does the Montecarlo have a short shaft on the left and along one on the right with no intermediate shaft? If that's the case you may need to source another outer shaft. Linkage issues are also sorted with either full mechanical or cable options available but you may need to modify these to suit the Montecarlo. Good news is that you can keep the Montecarlo clutch mastercylinder, it's got enough capacity to shift the Alfa slave cylinder.



14-10-2014, 19:57
Hi Guy,

Thanks for the welcome. I have a Cloverleaf engine and 5 speed box, but I understand it's a bit tall and there are better options out there - like the idea of a six speed and thought may as well do that now, rather than later.

The Monte has unequal length driveshafts - no need to add an intermediate shaft again torque steer. I know that the TS gearbox has the same size cups, which should mean that at least one shaft may fit without modification - finding a pair may be a different matter! Autolusso couldn't help.

Would like to go with cable change and another reason to consider change of box now, but probably best for me to post up a new topic in the relevant board, rather than continue here.

Great news about the clutch slave though - one less thing to source!



mel lewis
15-10-2014, 08:34
Hi Darren

Glad to see you made it, I knew Carol would sort you out quickly. Looking forward to your posts (with pics if poss please )

Cheers Mel