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Gordon Caro
02-11-2014, 16:15
Hi All,

Just joined the club.

First saw a Stratos at the 1974 Earls Court Motor show and wanted one ever since, so I ordered a Lister Bell back in July with delivery some time early next year. Going to build in Stradale specification.

Just going through all the forum posts to see what lessons I can learn.

The Slug
02-11-2014, 16:58
Welcome Gordon....

It may take you some time to read all the posts on the forum.
If in doubt ask questions, there are not many things that have not been asked and folk normally get back to you with a reply pretty quickly..


02-11-2014, 17:17
Hi Gordon,
Welcome to the club. Plenty of reading for you to search through on here as well as helpful hints and tips to help your build.
I'm currently building a Lister Bell and having great fun in the process too.
Good luck.


LM mic
03-11-2014, 07:22
Hello Gordon
welcome to the club .... and the ListerBell builders group !
Now start the long period of wait .... but busy if you start sourcing all needed parts !!! LOL
Did you yet started this ? Now some items are becoming more and more rare ( doors handles , overcatche centers etc )

Gordon Caro
05-11-2014, 17:27
After I ordered my car in July the first thing I did was to source all the Fiat parts from a breaker in Huddersfield which I now have and they are refurbished. I also have all the Alfa parts lined up, just waiting now for a delivery date for the car sometime in early 2015. Craig at LB sent me a drawing of a trolley for the car, so I received some heavy duty castors yesterday and collected the steel cut to size today and hopefully get welding this weekend. Trying to get as prepared as I can.

05-11-2014, 18:07
Check Out the Club Page on Facebook as Well.