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The Slug
12-11-2014, 00:52
Hello Everyone,

My name is Sandro and I come from a large car mad family, and we love to travel and have our pics taken.....

Being a total petrol head's its no surprise we all found your site and the great cars you all have, but we all like to travel in all types cars, and we hope you might like to take us on your travels and send our pics back so the rest of our brother's and sister's can see where we have all been.

Carol has kindly said we can all go the the NEC for our first trip where we hope to see you, and maybe some of you might like to adopt one of my brother's or sister's and take us on your trips? ....please!

I hope to see you there and have another story and details after the show......bye.....


LM mic
12-11-2014, 06:29
Hello Sandro
Don't forget to bring your helmet !!
Good luck for that trip

12-11-2014, 15:25
Does he need a place on the table at the Christmas meal?
He can sit with my Cheeky Monkey - Monte. I'm sure they'll have a lot to chat about!

The Slug
02-12-2014, 23:54
Sandro passes on his thanks for the meal Rob and recon's you have a real knack at this feeding stuff...!!!


The food was great but not keen on mushrooms!


Company was great and he looks forward to his next trip out, and hopefully can meet Monte!



The Slug
03-12-2014, 00:02
I forgot to post the pics of my large family


and I'm pleased to say that 8 of the family have found new homes and hopefully will be posting there own pics here.

I did pop round to the Mx5 stand but they just wanted to go to sleep rather than have a chat!!


The Slug
03-12-2014, 00:08
The show was very large, with lots of great cars but it was busy on the stand so had little time to venture, but I thought this escort engine was good!



John even let me pose on his car between the crowds....


The show was so large I thought I would take a taxi back to the stand....


Well I'm off on my holidays now so see you all soon....bye....

11-12-2014, 16:30
Bet you can't do this Sandro?...

The Slug
24-12-2014, 20:46
Just waiting for Santa...... I'm in disguise


mel lewis
19-02-2015, 18:49
Thought I'd have a day out in Marvelous Wales, up to Borth and then over to Aberystwyth. Fantastic weather should have brought the Stratos out on those roads.

mel lewis
19-02-2015, 18:53

Bit cold on this ring !!!

mel lewis
19-02-2015, 18:57

Come on lets go again...

19-02-2015, 18:59
Seems like you had all the sunshine over there Mel. Cold, overcast and ultimately wet down here. No bears in sight (wisely I suspect).