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Enzo Pattoni
06-01-2015, 19:03
I've always loved the Stratos and would enjoy owning a Lister Bell or car of equal status. I currently operate a CAV GT 40 which I've had for 6+ years. She is a stunning machine that thrills me everyitme I get behind the wheel. A beast to drive, full of noise and thrills and gives me the total sensation of driving a 60's icon.

06-01-2015, 19:55
Hi Enzo. Welcome to the gang. Sounds like you've already got a handful with a GT40 and you want a Stratos as well? You're just our sort of person :D

The Slug
07-01-2015, 14:59
Welcome to the Forum...

Would be good to see some shots of the GT40, another great car