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04-04-2015, 18:12
Spent a bit of time with the family today so thought we'd go for a ride to Spurn Point on the East Coast as it's not too far away, the weather forecast was good and we fancied a nice bit of fresh air. For those who don't know, it's a nature reserve on the peninsula at the mouth of the River Humber and 'has' a track type road with sand dunes on either side. You 'can' drive along the road for 3 miles or so to the end where the new and old light houses are, along with RNLI rescue station. The last time I went was back in June 2010 in my Westfield. The chap on the gate at the time said I wouldn't get down to the end as the road was uneven but with a bit of 2 wheels on the banking type driving, I got down fairly easily and took a few nice snaps. I had heard that the road had been washed away a while back so I thought we'd best take the 4x4 today in case the road was a bit patchy......I wasn't expecting it to have gone completely! :eek: Jeez....there's no holding mother nature back. A lovely day but I doubt I'll ever get to repeat the Westfield pictures with the Stratos!

June 2010

Today's visit.....no chance of getting the car down to the light houses now!


Is this the most pointless sign ever? :confused: :p


04-04-2015, 18:27
How the road used to look.


05-04-2015, 17:02
Wow. Her Majesty is quite happy to admit defeat and surrender large bits of Eastern England to the elements. Not long until Ely becomes an island again (cue: "I remember when it was all fields round here")