View Full Version : Multi tool, similar to fein multimaster etc

20-06-2015, 00:09
Aldi have in stock some 12v li/on cordless multitools, come with a set of attachments, saws, sanding, cutting etc, 29.99

21-06-2015, 20:31
Here's the link


22-06-2015, 08:02
These are selling out very quickly too - had to make a 10 mile detour after finding my first store had sold-out; next store had just 3 left.

Be warned - first one I bought worked perfectly but the charger did not! Very fortunately for me, I tried it all out as soon as I bought it. I'm terrible for buying stuff now and leaving it in the box until I actually need it. Luckily I was able to return to the store and exchange it (just 1 left).