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08-10-2015, 22:30
This is my first post on a forum anywhere, and i have been inspired to by those recently from Hedge.

I have always admired the Stratos from my involvement with motorsport from the early 60's and through the seventy's, so decided to indulge in a replica, as an original is beyond reach.

I did my research and after a visit to Craig's workshop which impressed me greatly, decided to reserve a production slot in July last year at the age of 75.

After just more than 12 months, with the aid of my son in law, we collected the majority of chassis kit on August 3rd this year.

After a slow start on the build, due to other things getting in the way of concentrating on it, and still working, I am now under way, and need to hurry along so that I can enjoy it before I am unable to manoeuvre myself into it, rather than it be enjoyed by my rather keen son and son in law. It was he that suggested that we utilise a 2.5ltr Alfa power unit, as to quote him, "it is a bit of a screamer" which reflects his racing background.

LM mic
09-10-2015, 05:53
Hello !!!
Welcome to the club and welcome to the group of" LB builders owners"
I am 69 and I think when I will reach 75 I will have like you my car building passion as it is from more than 45 years !!!!!!
Building the LB will be like a "powerdrink" without the inconvenience of sugar and all bad things drinking!!!
can wait to watch some pics of your progress!!!

09-10-2015, 06:33
Welcome along, looking fwd to watching your build progress, don't forget the photos. I know how you feel, I'm only 43 but I've been saving for a Stratos (kit) since I was 17, I was bitten by the Stratos bug when I was four! I still remember it.

09-10-2015, 13:40
This is my first post on a forum anywhere, and i have been inspired to by those recently from Hedge I'm mildly surprised/ flattered that my musings - if one's imagination could stretch to labeling them as such - have prompted you to put pen to paper, as it were. Cool, though, either way.

For what it's worth, my childhood was indelibly linked to cars, from as early as I could remember. I was attaching posters/articles of cars to my bedroom walls, for instance, way before Debbie Harry or the girl-with-a-tennis-ball-in-her-knickers adorned them. My first two such posters were 1) Stratos & 2) Ferrari 512BB. I never got around to buying either, until now. Whilst I was aware of the Hawk - unfortunately via comedy value, courtesy of the (now infamous) Top Gear article - I wasn't aware a viable alternative existed. Then, a few weeks ago I fell upon the Autocar review & I was hooked. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pleas keep us all updated on your build. Threads such as these are like gold dust.


09-10-2015, 16:11
What a great story Robin.
There's hope for us young 'uns yet!

Steve C
09-10-2015, 19:37
It was good to meet you at Craig's in July. Best of luck and remember I am close by if you need a look at how (not) to fit it together!