View Full Version : Recurring yearly membership

The Slug
09-11-2015, 20:47

I have been asked a few times why cant we have a recurring membership so it save's having to remember to pay.

This year I have set this up for you if you want to use it. Once selected it will bill you each year.

Follow this thread (http://www.stratosec.com/Forum/showthread.php/13-Join-the-Club) to pay for your membership now and save the last minute panic over Xmas,


09-11-2015, 21:46
Recurring gave me an error, so I did a one year renewal.

Usually with things like this you get an option to update your details in case you moved, which I have. Who should I inform of the new address, as the auto redirect has run out now.

The Slug
09-11-2015, 22:26
What was the error?
2 members have used it tonight and it worked fine.

Any address change etc drop a line to Carol at membership@stratosec.com


10-11-2015, 07:05
I think it said my "account had changed during the transaction or I had received money" and that it was sending me back to the merchants page. Guess it was just a glitch at the paypal end if others used it with success.

Ta for the info, will send an email now.