View Full Version : New Member in Detroit, USA - Just ordered a Hawk Gp4 Car.

30-11-2015, 17:43
Hello everyone. I've just ordered a Gp4 kit for delivery in early Springtime. Already have a 308QV engine that I'm currently rebuilding. Ferrari V-6's while great are just too expensive! Toying with the idea of a 3.4L version with 360 crank, etc. Not sure about the fuel system yet. Love the idea of carb's but I know a lot more about fuel injection so may head in that direction just for fun. Its a long term project for me so plenty of time to figure it all out.

Are there any other Mid West car builders out there?

Guy Mayers
30-11-2015, 20:02
Congratulations on your order! I'm sure that there'll be someone along from your side of the pond soon! In the meantime, welcome to the madhouse, keep us posted with how it comes along and if you need any pointers on parts sources you know where to come!


01-12-2015, 01:48
Congrats! Looks like the u.s. side of the club is growing. I think there are a couple Listerbell owners in the Detroit area, not sure about hawk though.

10-03-2017, 15:46
I live in Madison Heights. I'm looking to buy a listerbell kit in a few years depending on my funds. Im planning to put a turbo 4G63 engine in mine.

LM mic
10-03-2017, 16:48
Congrats for your decision on entering the madhouse :)

27-03-2017, 18:06
A little bit of progress. Car made it safe and sound in October 2016. Excellent packing by Newick Packers. Took me half a day to uncrate it! Engine is now ready for reassembly except for pistons, which I have to design, and a couple of rare gearbox bearings. Car hasn't progressed a whole lot just yet. Doors are on so I have moved onto fitting the from and rear clams. Tricky work for an amateur.


Fiat 131 Abarth#2
28-03-2017, 08:19
Welcome to all this maniacs, it's a great challenge with Ferrari engine!
pictures from progress are welcome.