View Full Version : Wanted, cream leather front armrest from a 166

11-01-2016, 10:58
I need a cream leather armrest for the otherside of my Alfa office chair. If anybody has saved one when they broke their 166 donor, then I'd like it please. Got to be cheap though, always on a budget of f%&# all! Will consider a black one if that's all you have.

11-01-2016, 15:31
Don't you go getting too comfy in that office!
Garage time this year!!

11-01-2016, 16:59
It'd be nice to sit down on an evening!

12-01-2016, 10:05
Let me check John. IIRC, it had a black lid on it for some reason, just need to check if I kept it or not. Presume you just need the armrest/cubby thing with the back hinge that sits between the seats? If it's the 'outside' armrest that is part of the door trim panel, then yes, I have both in cream.

12-01-2016, 12:39
Just the Centre bit between the seats. I've got a lead on a mounting for one, just trying to make up a pair, be they black, grey or cream. Have a cream one already.

12-01-2016, 16:21
OK, I'll check and see if I kept it.....

13-01-2016, 14:43
Sorry John, it went in the bin.

13-01-2016, 17:01
Thanks for looking Chris.