View Full Version : Looking for a Beta/Volumex gearbox

24-03-2016, 23:18
I'm guessing this is a long shot......but does anyone have a good beta/Volumex gearbox they are willing to part with?

Our problems up here seem to be getting worse instead of better....I now suspect a gearbox issue with my Volumex car.....might be clutch or linkage......or could be gearbox. With Stoneleigh looming I don't want to mess about and if it is my box, I likely wouldn't have time to rebuild it.

25-03-2016, 07:15
Can't help with a replacement gearbox I'm afraid but I can say (from experience) that they were well known for linkage problems so maybe that's a good (and hopefully inexpensive) place to start?

I replaced the linkage in my Volumex with some rose-jointed masterpiece that an enthusiastic genius in the US had manufactured. I guess this might be of limited use now that the gearbox is not in a Beta but I notice that BetaBoyz have some useful bits here (https://353652584127257704.weebly.com/store/c15/Transmission_.html).

25-03-2016, 08:39
Cheers David, I hope it is something as simple as that. It just doesn't "feel" right at the moment. I thought it was engine mounts and it turns out a couple were past their best. I've replaced these but it's still not right. When I put it into reverse and release the clutch it jumps out of gear.....so I have to hold it in. The box itself isn't noisy when I'm driving.

This all came about after a drag race out of the tollbooth on the M6 toll road last year (on the way to Stoneleigh!).....it jumped out of 3rd gear going flat out. I couldn't help it.....the barriers came up.....we all had a lane each....

Guy Mayers
13-04-2016, 19:39
PM sent Mark!