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16-04-2016, 09:20
Hi all,
Finally decided to take the plunge - having lusted after Stratos' for many years decided that the lead time for ListerBell provides a great window to finish existing projects, and most importantly, plan the spec for 'my' Stratos!
I'm a bit of a mid-engine fan - normal car an Elise, rebuilding an Europa, and with numerous motorcycles all requiring various degrees of work, I need to get this lot sorted so I can give the main event my full attention.
I'm unsure of spec - and am really enjoying researching this forum and other sources to help decide before I need to commit. Initial thoughts are of left hand drive ( I'm hoping to spend more time abroad) and I like the quirkiness, not a rally replica (although I do love the ones I've seen), with an emphasis in reliability and enjoyment - I know so will consider it to be a sign of a heretic, but I'm even prepared to consider the Toyota engine.
The best bit is I have time to decide, and the next step in that journey is Stoneleigh where I hope to be able to see a good range of cars, and perhaps even find some patient owner/builders to learn from! I'm sure everyone building new kit has been through this journey - I'd particularly welcome any observations as to what you're really glad you did (or did not) spec...

LM mic
16-04-2016, 11:05
Hello welcome to the club .... and to the Lister Bell owner family !!
Hope to meet you at the show :) we could chat about Strat's but also about Lotus !!! am also an "Twincamer"

16-04-2016, 12:20
I know so will consider it to be a sign of a heretic, but I'm even prepared to consider the Toyota engine.Thanks

Hello Moxox,

For an LB STR, I'd go Toyota.
Probably have a long look at air con. They can get very warm inside.

'Had a millenium Elise for a while. A brilliant car.

16-04-2016, 12:41
Initially, the Alfa engine package seems a bargain but if you want the power of the Toyota, it'll cost you double the Toyota cost and a whole lot of effort, plus the chance of unreliability.

16-04-2016, 13:24
Weclome to the loony bin! I too am an Elise owner whose been temped by the LB Stratos. I'm going for an Alfa V6 with a complelte rebuild, cams, ITBs, aftermarket ECU and balancing. Hoping to get high 200s out of it when all said and done.

17-04-2016, 09:13
Hello Moxox, A factor in engine choice is availability, recently an engine company sold off some Toyota engines and some on here picked up bargains, my engine came from America and that is doable.The 2GR-FE Toyota engine isn't widely available here but is surely the engine of choice. Not sure about being considered a Heretic :-), using an Italian engine doesn't make the finished car any more of a Stratos than if you used a moped engine,it still isn't one and never will be so its irrelevant where the engine comes from. The Toyota engine sounds more authentic than the Alfa,(see Listerbell Facebook page), the Alfa engine sounds awesome but weirdly as its a smaller engine sounds like a big thumper in comparison. If I was starting again I would go Toyota engine,Left hand drive,with no heater or Air con (simplify the build and have a roof scoop and heated windscreen),Road car fully trimmed with group4 round arches. See you at the show...hopefully......Rob

Fiat 131 Abarth#2
18-04-2016, 12:31
Hi "Moxox",

welcome to the club and to all this STR maniacs! :o

saluti Enzo

18-04-2016, 13:58
I too am new in Berks. I have a cob replica and am looking for a stablemate.. When I was young the two pin ups I had on my wall were the Cobra and the Stratos! However I am 6ft3 and worried I won't fit... Can you guys offer me any input into head room? Also considering LB as with the Cobra (Dax) I love the classic styling, but with some more modern underpinnings, does not need to be 100% interchangeable with an original :)

18-04-2016, 18:15
I am in St Albans and 6 ft 2.
The trick I found was getting the seat fixed as low as possible with the backrest at the correct angle to get the headroom.
I have fixed back TRS rally seats on sliding frames fixed to low profile unwin track.
I had to adjust the clutch and brake pistons for legroom, but my head never touches when I am in.
Come and try.

18-04-2016, 19:15
I will have to thank you, although may get the chance at stoneleigh too.. So many of the Stratos owners go? It is big with the cobra crowd

18-04-2016, 19:19
I will be there on Monday.
Always lots of Cobras

18-04-2016, 19:44
It's not too far for me so might pop along. Or maybe I should stay at home and try to get on with building the blooming thing!