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18-04-2016, 21:42
Hi, this is Justin Peters from Shropshire, I live about a mile from Ironbridge for anyone who knows the area.
currently driving a series 1 Montecarlo (78) which I have owned for around 16 years and completely stripped and rebuilt with a friend on mine. Fun car, fully on the road at the moment 😜
As the build was a lot of the fun with the Monte I have been looking around for something else to do and always loved the Stratos, I guess my 'perfect garage' is pretty similar to any Lancia enthusiast!!! Sat in one at the classic car show last year and I was sold.
Currently saving some cash and keeping my eyes open for an opportunity whilst checking out the Hawk and LB.
will try and make an event and say hello. Curborough is only a short drive so maybe head there if nothing comes up before then.

best regards

Guy Mayers
18-04-2016, 22:16
Welcome to the club Justin, best place to get to know us all is to pop along to the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in a couple of weeks. Both manufacturers will be there and there's usually a good selection of cars on the club stand over the weekend. 1st & 2nd May


Come meet the crowd - if you turn up in the Monte you may even get in free!


19-04-2016, 08:52
Hi Guy

thanks for the response and the welcome.

sounds like a plan, I will try and make it down to the show in a couple of weeks to say hi.


19-04-2016, 09:38
Just up the A49 in Wem if you ever fancy a tea and laugh at the work in progress. Choose a dry day though as the build area is very weather dependent.



The Slug
19-04-2016, 13:08
Hi Justin, welcome to the club.....

Bring the Monte down to Curborough and give it a blast or a gentle drive your choice..lol, would be good to see one on the track again.


19-04-2016, 16:51
Hi Andrew, Yes will do, likewise if you are near ironbridge, Broseley, then you are welcome to drop by.

might bring the Monte to curborough as you suggest Ian, but not likely to blast her round the track, she is pushing 40 and not sure how she would handle it. The purpose of looking for a new project was to have something a little more robust for track days as well as to get my hands dirty again. ������

02-05-2016, 10:35
Hi all

just wanted to pass on a very big thank you to everyone at the kit car show yesterday who took time out to talk to me and to show me your cars. I had a really great day and learnt a huge amount in a short space of time. Interesting to learn I drive virtually right by one of your cars every day of the week on my way to work. Also great to go and see the Hawk and LB stands and talk to the suppliers. The team on the LB stand were particularly helpful with help and advice and took plenty of time to answer any questions. I plan to head out to Curborough when the club has our track day to see a few of you on track and to give the Montecarlo a run so will look forward to seeing you then.

best regards

05-05-2016, 07:05
Welcome from a former Monte owner. Former Corse S owner too come to that!

Loved my little S1 Monte. Probably the only car I regret selling. Be nice to see a picture or two of your Monte Carlo... :)

09-05-2016, 09:11
Welcome from a former Monte owner. Former Corse S owner too come to that!

Loved my little S1 Monte. Probably the only car I regret selling. Be nice to see a picture or two of your Monte Carlo... :)

Hi Chris
Couple of pics attached, hope to get her to an event at some stage



10-05-2016, 11:41
Thank you for those Justin - brings back some happy memories. Some scary ones too....like the first mildly moist roundabout I encountered. That was an eye-opener....... I was convinced I had hit an oil slick....until it did it again at the next roundabout. Still, it was easily sorted, bypass the brake servo (the real culprit), X 1/9 pads and moved the front ARB back a bit to stiffen it.