View Full Version : New project to come from MARVIC

LM mic
13-05-2016, 18:14
Information for those looking to match more and more to “real deal” Marvic well known magn├ęsium foundry in addition to their light magnesium 8or 9 and 12 width

15” Stratos wheels and also to the remanufacturing and avaibility of rear aluminium uprights have in their “ingoing projects” soon ,productionof the very usefull and rare

lower engine case and gearbox casing of the famous 6 cyl engine (Stratos specification) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some pics of parts actually being in "reengineering" on Marvic "studio" ,plus some pics of rear casted uprights



So when founding and old Fiat Dino "cheap" engine it would be possible to rebuilt a real "period" Dino engine (as all gears and internals are avaible in Italy....)

The dream to have the real Lancia Strat engine is not so far now:cool:

Guy Mayers
13-05-2016, 18:50
Fiat 124 engine? Surely Fiat Dino?

Interesting project!

LM mic
13-05-2016, 19:00
Oupsss yes Guy !!! fingers slipped on PC ;) Thanks for pointing !!

This company is doing more and more in Historic fields ; recently they cast 5 ( commissioned by German engine rebuilder) the famous magnesium 12 cl casing for the 917 !!!!!!!