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24-05-2016, 08:51
I'm originally from New Zealand and lived in the UK for 10 years. For the last 8 years I have lived in Finland, my wife is Finnish and I have 3 kids. I have worked for Audi and have a petrol head background in VW's and Porsche's. I enjoy all cars and it has been refreshing to see how each environment or culture changes the outlook to cars. In NZ there is an open view regarding parts and repowering vehicles as before the 90's you couldn't get parts and after the Japanese imports there has been a steady flow of used parts to look into. In NZ there are the HF3000 Stratos replicas.
In the UK I found that owning a house with a two car Garage is a bit like having a holiday home, you are a bit flash or you live in the sticks.
The used car market depreciation of cars is crazy. I went to Hawk as I was wanting to build the alloy Kirkham Cobra and noticed that he also made the Stratos replica too.
In Finland the American car scene is quite popular as the steering wheel is on the correct side. Having a summer/second car is quite common as people like to beaver away at something over winter.
I have been looking at doing the Classic rally series here in Finland as our relatives have a WRC rally stage next to their house in Keuruu, Central Finland. The series is 3 winter, 3 summer stages for sub 3 litre 2wd cars. While there has been a recent renascence in 911 rally cars I have been looking to see what alternatives would be better without the Porsche scene tax. The Stratos seems to me the best option as it has a similar driving style to the early 911 that I am used to of slow in, fast out.
I am not wanting to build an exact replica or stripped out rally livery themed car, I am keeping an open mind regarding this as a road car that I can race.

Stratos Fear
28-05-2016, 16:45
Hi Fraser - welcome to the Club . Dont forget to also investigate the Lister Bell replica as well as the Hawk ! There is a lot of experience of both replicas - and the older ones - in the Club and there will be no shortage of (useful) advice when you need it.

Peter Cutler

LM mic
28-05-2016, 16:57
Hello Fraser
Welcome to the group !!!!
There is a lot good threas there to read on where you can watch both brands of avaible Strat kit to day !!!!