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08-06-2016, 23:04
Son's Renault clio 1.2 petrol has suddenly stopped starting. Previously running fine.
Got sparks; engine runs on brake cleaner sprayed in throttle butterfly.
Fuel being delivered to fuel rail; voltage detected at injector plug.

Electronic throttle butterfly doesn't open with pedal movements. Pushing it open doesn't make it run.
No error messages on my cheap and cheerful diagnostic gizmo.

What is stopping it running - all 4 injectors wouldn't fail at once? Seems to be lack of fuel in the cylinders.
Does the fly-by-wire throttle butterfly need some sort of detection of function to open?

Not sure which bit to hit with the hammer. All advice gratefully accepted!

08-06-2016, 23:27
Earth return from injectors, main earth to engine e, something on those lines.

LM mic
09-06-2016, 06:56
Check the main ecu Plug or the biggest multi connect plug near battery:
On Renault an Peugeot since some years they are using "low budget" connectors and connections tend to rust ; not really rust but some white powder preventing clear and reliable connection ( one day works one day not !!! specially with 3/4 years cars parked outside
Disconnect those multiconnections plugs try to clean as much as possible with cooper metallic brusch , check if every connection is well and firmly inserted on the plastic stuff, then connect spraying electric cleaner

Personnal experience ; years ago , had a small peugeot working perfectly , one morning happened similar issue so did what i just advise and she runs ok then, after 3 months again at a fuel station stop !! after refueling
it wouldn't restart !!! disconnected the plugs and reconnected them..... started again ! From that day...... happened every 3 monthes or so with no special reason ; it worked OK when I decided to cut all wires and welded a new serious multi connector of mine !!!!!!

Hope this help the son !!!
Good luck

09-06-2016, 07:27
Maybe filled up with diesel by mistake...??

09-06-2016, 14:22
Maybe filled up with diesel by mistake...??
fortunately not!