View Full Version : Hello from Oregon, United States... May build an ELECTRIC!

14-07-2016, 04:00
Hi there, I just joined and am hoping to learn a little more about the Lister Bell and Hawk replicas, as I am considering using one of these platforms to build a crazy fast electric car.

Not sure if there are any members that might share the pros & cons of this idea with me, and ideally, if there are any owners in the Oregon/Washington/Northern California areas that might show me their vehicles, I'd surely appreciate it!

I look forward to the discussion!


LM mic
14-07-2016, 08:08
Hello Ryan
Welcome to the club :o

An electric Strat is a really fantastic Idea !!!!!

14-07-2016, 18:03
Geat idea, we'll probably all have to go that way in a few years!

15-07-2016, 06:43
Hi Ryan

My car is an Alfa powered Corse I/Listerbell hybrid. I used to be in Vancouver, WA but now about 40miles east of San Francisco. Happy to help in any way I can. You'll also find some photos of my car in the gallery


15-07-2016, 07:21
Thanks for the kind comments. I've been driving a converted Porsche 911 as my daily for almost two years. It was designed to be a sleeper - factory in function yet still a little faster, but really a car to enjoy every day and still be able to bring the kids to school with the back seats. Now I am looking to build something more brash and crazy fast - that's where I think the Stratos could come in!

i love the look, it seems like a completed kit would be very light, and I hope they handle as well as a proper track/street car should. I still need to do more research about possible fitment of necessary components, but the more seems to be a decent amount both in from my and in the rear...

Paul - I'd love to come see your car. I'm down that way for family about once a year... Only problem is that I was just there a week ago... Arhg! I've only seen photos and really want to learn more about what the actual drive experience is like.

15-07-2016, 17:52
Hi Ryan

If it's any consolation, I was in China until late last week so probably wouldn't have worked out anyway!
If you are in the area, be sure to give me a shout. Also, there are a couple of members in Washington at various stages of their builds that may chime in with additional info


17-07-2016, 02:31
So how often do you get to the Seattle area? I live in Sammamish, just east of Seattle. Paul's car and mine are like sisters, both have Napier Sport chassis and Lister-Bell bodies, both are V6 Alfa powered. But his is running, mine is not.


18-07-2016, 18:26
I don't get up there but like excuses to do so! I haven't made it to a Mariner's game recently... could be time for a trip... I'd love to see your car, Corky. Really want to make sure something physical meets my imagination. We can PM to work out details... but due to Summer trips etc, may be a while.