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The Slug
15-08-2016, 13:04
Hello everyone,

Our membership is about to change from today, however you wont see any differance!!! Dont panic......

Now we have sorted some issue out, and have things where we need them, we are going to move the membership over to what lots of you have been asking for, that is to make it recurring so you dont have to keep being reminded when to renew, also along with that we will be making the membership renew on the date you join so not Jan 01 each year.

So those people who may have been put off joining in August for fear that they will have to pay again in Jan (and frankly for the cost, its dam good value if you did!) now will not need to worry.

When you come to renew follow the same instructions as you have done before and select "Recurring Membership" and it will all just happen. http://www.stratosec.com/Forum/showthread.php/13-Join-the-Club

You can of course cancel your recurring payments in PayPal at any time, that is down to you.

I hope you can all see that this makes the club even better value to people no matter when they join, and with Rally Day coming up soon, an opertunity for you all to try and get a new member to join.

All the best

The Slug
27-12-2016, 16:46
Hello People,.....

For all those people that may get a message saying your "Recurring Membership" is about to expire, you will need, for this year, to pay using the "Annual Membership" option.

Just follow the instructions in this post (http://www.stratosec.com/Forum/showthread.php/13-Join-the-Club)
This is due to the change above, where all membership will be recurring.
Once your membership had been set up it is not possible for me to change it except at the end of your membership which is 31st Dec in this case.
I'm sorry if this causes you any issues, and if anyone is not able to do this due to being away then just let me know and I will make sure you are not at any disadvantage because of the change.

Thank you for your understanding.


31-12-2016, 12:00
Hi Ian,
I got the following e-mail:-

Dear Andrew Hamilton,
Stratos Enthusiasts Club cancelled your automatic payments. This means we'll no longer automatically draw money from your account to pay the merchant. If you have any questions, you may ask Stratos Enthusiasts Club about this cancellation.

It looks like I paid in early Nov, so I should be good for 2017 ( unless I'm a whole year behind?)

Do I need to do anything??


31-12-2016, 14:31
I think I've done it right - do refund if I've paid twice!

31-12-2016, 14:42
Same here..
I paid on Nov 10 by recurring payment & get the same message as you. I assume it means we will have to start again with the 2017/18 renewal?

The Slug
31-12-2016, 18:05

So those who had paid before the change, have been credited with the same time as originally paid for, so in Neils case (Turbonutter) his membership will carry on running till Nov 2017 when you will need to pay on the only option now in the dropdown. The system will send you a message saying you need to pay your membership. That will auto renew 365 days later.

It has to be this way as once I make any change to the membership it cancels all the recurring payments, because the terms are different to what you agreed to when you paid. Once set back up it will be the same as before and just carry on for you.

Andy your Fine till Nov as well, Chris your old payment was cancelled befor renewal, so your ok as well.

If anyone notices a dual payment just let me know and I can refund it for you, I have done the couple I have seen.

Happy New Year

01-01-2017, 16:18
Thank you Ian for doing the above , when I get back from my hols , with a bit of time to get all the renewal membership updated. I shall beable to double check all receipts, any duplications will refunded, thank you again for doing the ones that have occurred whilst I have been away .

Regards Carol

LM mic
01-01-2017, 20:09
Thanks to Ian - Carol and the club Staff for doing all this work for us club members and long life to the club:)

02-01-2017, 05:36
As Michel said thanks to Carol, Ian and the rest of the executive and other members who put in all of this work behind the scenes so that we can live our dreams! Also thanks for the lovely Christmas card as well!


02-01-2017, 20:28
I'll second that, thanks for the card and running this excellent forum. Every answer seems to be here. . . thus far!
Cheers to all and many happy Stratos hours/days for 2017:)

03-01-2017, 09:01
Just renewed my membership.... I think ?!

The Slug
03-01-2017, 15:52
Just renewed my membership.... I think ?!

You sure did.....:)

03-01-2017, 17:58
Just renewed my membership.... I think ?! so did I, but think I have fallen off the Christmas card list....

03-01-2017, 18:27
think I have fallen off the Christmas card list....

Me too! Bah humbug :)