View Full Version : 2017 rugby fights

LM mic
04-02-2017, 11:51
Any ideas for the score this afternoon on the 2017 CRUNCH ???????????????????:confused::p

I vote for England 38 France 25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

04-02-2017, 16:28
Not betting on your own team them Michel :-) reckon it will be a bit tighter than that but will go englands way, think we are bit better at Rugby than we were at cricket, was painful to watch us being murdered by India. Good job I don't like football cos the less said about that the better, can't stand watching 22 multi millionaires kicking a bag of wind round !!!

LM mic
04-02-2017, 16:34
yes you are absolutly right ; 22 millionaires just catching every match more money regardless any result they give !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am for a while not sure that our French team will be able to enter the 6 nations correctly ; many changes on the team so .... wait and see what they are able to built ???????????
Now it's time to leave my workshop and go watch THE match !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o

LM mic
04-02-2017, 19:46
Ok finaly not so bad for the french team but Brits have taken the chance more "quickly"
Congrats again but aware the frenchies for next match !!!