New Member from Dublin

25-02-2017, 23:41
Hi Everyone :)

Just joined so thought id introduce myself.
I'm Alan from Ireland living in South Dublin, been a car fan since birth or as long as I can remember.
Had my first car at nine years old, a sit up and beg Ford Anglia ZL7478 reg (you never forget your first lol )
Had about 10 cars by the time I was 12 so started early working on what are now classics.
Always loved Rallying and followed it through my teens, chasing around Ireland in a Mini to catch a glimpse
of the cars doing the Circuit of Ireland. Anyway my Love for the Stratos started in the early 70's when it was first
let loose, ever since then it has always been my number one love.I have had many many cars over the years and over
the last 10 years mainly Yanks. My other love (now sold) was my 65 GT350 Mustang clone it was just the best. Had Corvetts,
Camaros etc and at present have a 69 AMC Javelin, just sold a 74 Javelin to a guy in the UK and also a 29 Hotrod.
I really want to get around to owning a Stratos and maybe acquiring a kit either from scratch or one partly done.
I am well able to build a car but know it all starts off fast and slows down and also as budget allows. I will be grateful for any
information and help in choosing a car and what ever pitfalls might be along the road. If anyone is thinking of selling I would be
interested in almost anything.
Looking forward to chatting to you all !


26-02-2017, 14:20

26-02-2017, 23:09
Cheers Phil much appreciated !

The Slug
27-02-2017, 01:36

LM mic
27-02-2017, 07:43

27-02-2017, 08:08

28-02-2017, 00:32
Hi Gerard
Will do ! I think I remember hearing you bought a car a good few years back.
Been to Killarney many times following Billy Colman :) look forward to meeting up
with ya.

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