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The Slug
03-03-2017, 13:06
I'm pleased to announce that Tim aka Lancialulu has agreed to become the press officer for the club and be the conduit for enquires this will need to be ratified at the AGM.

This will hopefully lead to more local and national events when people get to know we are still here, and have a strong membership spread over the country.
In an effort to help Tim start from scratch, if any of you have contacts for press or publications that you think we need to be making contact with please let Lancialulu know.

The E-mail address is press@stratosec.com

I hope you will all help me welcome Tim to the new role, and support him in it.



03-03-2017, 14:36
Many thanks, Tim, for taking on this role. I know you're already very active with the LMC so I'm sure your skills will transfer well!

03-03-2017, 15:30
I try my best! But I do need help to locate certain cars like the 037 Stradale right now......

04-03-2017, 12:52
Congratulations and thanks Tim! May be some day we can do something on this side of the pond.��

05-03-2017, 08:26
Many Thanks and congratulations Tim for your double role now!

It's a good thing for SEC to take profit of your experience in LMC P.O...and maybe a more close connexion with the Both club now...and also with Lancia Club de France you well knows and which I'm member since few years!!


mel lewis
05-03-2017, 18:20
Welcome on board Tim, Speak to you soon. :cool::cool::cool:

05-03-2017, 20:34
Hi all

While this thread has some life in it a simple request....

I need journalists name/email etc that connect with both the kit car market and performance market - I have the classic car market already (albeit journos keep changing product and hence contact info) but any personal recommendations here are also welcome. Name and email as a minimum.

I will wait a week to collect then do an introductory email out to them.



11-11-2017, 13:48
I was chatting to Mike Ward of AutoItalia at the NEC yesterday who is very receptive to doing some articles on our cars - so long as they have an Italian power plant. Watch this space!