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12-03-2017, 16:53
I just joined the club. I´m a Finnish guy who has liked the Stratos since the 70´s. I´m trying to get a replica because the original ones are far too expensive :D. I´ve been studying how to get a replica Stratos registered in Finland. It seems to be guite difficult. But as far as I know the car should have been registered before 1.1.1990 and its should have been registered as it was made by a car factory (for example Hawk, Lister Bell etc.) It can´t be registered as a Lancia, Fiat, Alfa or something else coming from the donor car. Hope You got the idea.
An other issue is the money. I´m not able to pay a lot of the car. I´m thinking that my limit is somewhere at 20 k£. Is it possible, I don´t know. Some years ago there were some cars available at about that price, but I guess prices have gone up.
What I´m looking for is: A car which is or has been registered in a EU-country. It has a V6 engine, an Alfa 3.0 or 2.5 primarily. The car doesn´t have to be in good condition, but it should be a complete car. We can do reparations here.
I have given myself a couple of years to fulfill my dream of a "Stratos" of my own. So I hope to find some kind of a projectcar to make my dream come true.
I will be reading these sites every now and then to look if there is or will be anything available for me.


LM mic
13-03-2017, 08:47
Welcome to the club :)

Guy Mayers
13-03-2017, 12:42
Hi and welcome to the club! i do wish you well searching for the right car but I have to say that I don't hold out much hope that there is one out there within your budget and specifications. The manufacturers you'll be looking at are Litton, CAE and Transformer/Hawk as Lister Bell are a recent company new to the market.
Back in the late 1980's when the kits came to the market there were two options for registration in the UK which involved either a DVLA check and the probable issuing of a "Q" plate (which very few people wanted) or to keep the donor cars log book and retain the manufacturer description. In the mid 1990's there was the introduction of the SVA tests and registration became "simpler" with the dreaded "Q" plate system becoming less of a problem. Cars predating SVA were given an amnesty at that date and were inspected and a new registration issued. Your issue will come in finding a car that is registered before 1990, the best chances are those with a "Q" plate? Not many of those I would suggest and fewer for sale at any price!
My own car (which isn't for sale!) is an example of the pre SVA and amnesty days. It's registered as a Hawk but with a 1978 registration date. I suspect that may cause issues if an export attempt was made as there was a DVLA inspection around 1996 (?) when the anomaly was discovered (Reported) so the date ought to be around then but DVLA slipped up I think. The actual date of completion for my car was in 1991 which is provable but that may make it too late for you? Even if it were for sale!

I hope I haven't dampened your enthusiasm for a kit but I'd say the chances are very slim. Having said that, you are on the right site to see anything that pops up for sale.

Only one other thought, does right hand drive cause any issues for you? Conversion is possible but it's not straight forward!

All the best with your search!


17-03-2017, 11:57
Hi, and thanks for Your answers. I know that it´s a hard job to find what I´m looking for. The reason why the car should be older than 1990 is that if it is newer it has to meet all the finnish regulations of the original registration day considering safety devices, emission control, etc. It´s almost inpossible to get a newer kit car registered here. My budget for this project is not totally fixed, but what I wrote is something to start with. I´d prefer a LHD car, but a RHD is not a problem. A conversation can be done. I and my friends have some experience of building rally cars. I´ve been with building and servicing a Triumph TR8 factory rally car replica with which my friend has taken part of the FIA Historic Sporting Rally European Championship events in 2014-2016. I´ve been also co-driving him in that car in some rallies, twice in Acropolis Historic Rally, once in Historic Rally of Spain and once in Rally de Asturias in Spain. My own rally car which I have built myself is a more ordinary Volvo 142 Gr 2 historic rally car.
Could You open a bit what a "Q" plate means and why is it dreaded? Is there some limitations with a Q-plated car? What are SVA test and DVLA inspection? A short explanation?

There were quite many unfinished kits mentioned in some other thread. Was is over 600 kits sold? Where are those cars?
Please, let me know if there is something available.
The search is on and we´ll see how it goes. I will of course follow this site anyway. It´s interesting to read and see pictures of your wonderful cars. Hope to get one myself too.


Stratos Fear
20-03-2017, 13:02
Hi Viljam - "Q" plates generally indicate that a car has been made from parts from numerous sources , rather than a single donor. The registration authorities have strict criteria in the UK for how many parts must be retained in the kitcar in order to keep a single-donor registration. Any car that does not qualify as having its major components from a single donor will be given a "Q" plate by the Registration authority. In other words cars that dont qualify as single-donor cars tend to be a bit of a mongrel rather than a thoroughbred - insofar as any replica is a thoroughbred! In the UK a "Q" plate is not something that most kit builders would want to be seen driving around in - but if you want to export your car and register it locally then , for you, a "Q" plate - maybe - would not be an issue. I think I'm right in saying that a car with a "Q" registration cannot then be re-registered in the UK with an age related (to the original Stratos - or anything else) registration - and must retain the "Q" plate ie no personalised numbers. This is why it is less desirable here in UK.


20-03-2017, 20:14
Hi Peter
Your answer explained well the "Q" plate matter. My knowledge about these cars and things around them increases bit by bit. It would be interesting to see a picture of a title from a car registered as a Hawk or CAE etc. with an earlier than 1990 registration year. If someone dares to show me the title of his car by Private message I would appreciate it a lot. As I earlier said there shouldn´t be anything written about a donor-car to get one registered here in Finland. By the way, does anyone know how difficult it is to get a Stratos replica registered in Spain?


20-03-2017, 22:11
You have a PM ;)

21-03-2017, 16:22
Thanks a lot ChrisCar6. Your PM was interesting and helps me to find what I´m looking for.