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01-05-2017, 07:40
Hi all
Further to the discussion at the AGM yesterday, please see below some screen shots of what I was trying to explain.
I go to the Stratos EC page. I then go into the forum.
There is a tab marked "new events" (On the black banner line that starts with activity screen. Halfway across screen)
I click on that and it says " Sorry there are no new events to view. You may search for new events here" and has a link to click.
I click the link and it says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms"

Maybe the link is pointing to the wrong place.

Great to meet everyone yesterday.



The Slug
01-05-2017, 23:58

Thanks for the photos, they help a lot.

So in the field today we were trying to work out what you meant and we have an answer.

Actually it clears up another point raised at the AGM which was a Calendar.

We do have a Calendar, but no one has ever used it, It turns out that if you enter an event on the Calendar then when you press "New Event" it will show it to you.

However I would say that it is best to post your events under the Events section of the forum and we ask Alan to add them to the Calendar so its posted twice but appears where you need it.

Some are in there now give it a click and see what you can see now.

Thanks for raising it.