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33 Stradale
05-06-2017, 14:24
Hello, I'm looking for:

-Complete LHD dashboard
-Door interior shells (door cards)
-black plastic headlights surrounds
-black plastic rear lights surrounds
-metal supports for fixing headlights motors
-front bonnet alu grille
-windscreen frame surround
-door and hood black metal moldings
-wiper motor kit
-the 2 plastic parts that close front bonnet headlight spaces

-fuel tanks
-steering box

-horn button

-door glasses (no perspex)

-oil filter holder

-front rear wishbones

-sun visors

-collettore aspirazione

-stradale airbox

-gearbox bell

-shifting levers

I can trade with other original starts parts. Thank you very much

The Slug
05-06-2017, 16:40
Hi Mirco,

Can we interest you in joining the Stratos Enthusiasts Club?

You can find the joining information here (http://www.stratosec.com/Forum/showthread.php/13-Join-the-Club) it may well be the best small investment you make, and will open up the rest of the forum to you.

All the best