View Full Version : Wanted - Alfa 164 Ignition Switch

16-06-2017, 22:30
As the Title says I am looking for an alfa 164 ignition switch, as the electrical part of mine failed at the end of the day at Curborough...


I think this one is beyond repair!


Guy Mayers
16-06-2017, 22:59
I have a donor 12v 164 arriving Sunday Neil. I know it's "not a runner" as someone has removed the dash? If the ignition lock & key are there I'll happily remove them and ship them over if it's suitable?


16-06-2017, 23:15
If the ign. lock is there, that should be exactly what I need... Let me know,


17-06-2017, 13:16
Mine packed up as well and with a bit of discussion with Wayne Ellett at EMC we found Alfa 75 was same. Wayne posted me one with keys for 65 I think.
Straight in and worked perfect.

17-06-2017, 15:56
one on ebay


Guy Mayers
18-06-2017, 13:36
Donor arrived today, engine rough but turns over and I'm just going to rip it out and service it before dropping it into the chassis. Ignition key & lock tested and ok so I'll drop the in the post to you Neil. PM me your address? Think I've got it but I'd hate to send it to the wrong address!

20-06-2017, 22:23
Hello Guy,

I missed most of the posts here, as the forum was down.... Anyway A nice surprise from the postie today, when the Ign Switch came through the door. Its already fitted and working :)
I only use one circuit & this is now powered via a relay - I probably have too much load going through the switch, so bet to play safe!

Thanks for the speedy service! What do I owe you for the switch?

Guy Mayers
20-06-2017, 22:53
You don't owe me anything Neil, just glad to have been able to help!

Glad it's sorted your issue, hopefully you'll be able to use the car a little more before heading back to sea!


20-06-2017, 23:08
Thanks, I owe you one :)

30-06-2017, 08:36

found this from the usual source, if you need anything else