View Full Version : 24 hours of Le Mans 2017

LM mic
18-06-2017, 10:46
Forum quiet this week end !!!!;)

Is it because of this event being developed ?:rolleyes:

Beside the fact am in UK ... am following those 24 h ..... what a race !!!!! confirm that anything could happen, even to big teams well prepared like Toyota !!!!

Just a hello to mark ( Zenith Strat) ; if you read this post thru your mobile ... enjoy the race mate !!!!! and stay ok ,your strat had sleeping well in my shed at home, she is missing you !!
remember to come back monday to drive her next week close to her real sister car in Belgium Rallye ;););)

Ok now it's time to go back to work onto my stratos project ....:o
Will watch the final tonight on you tube hightlights !!!!!