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24-06-2017, 16:32
Hi Everyone

My name is Gary and although joining Stratosec last year, I thought it about time I introduce myself.
I've chosen this time as I have ordered the ListerBell Stratos replica in component form and after completing a chassis specification form recently I'm looking forward to taking delivery later this year.
For my sins I've worked in the motor industry many moons ago and look forward to seeking and sharing information/advice through the build process.
I hope I don't offend the purists among you guys for I won't be building an authentic replica of the Stratos, but my vision of what I would like it to look like, with subtle cosmetic changes and a modern digital cockpit environment.
I've opted for the Toyota powertrain route purely for it's modern efficient technology, power output for it's compactness and weight, reliability and emissions.
The engine is a rebuilt na 2GR-FE 3.5 V6 mated to a rebuilt E153 v3 transaxle, factory viscous LSD (3.93 modded diff ratio) via a competition stage 3 ceramic clutch (I'm assured by the supplier I will not need the legs of Arnold Schwarzenegger to operate this one)
The engine electrical harness is my own custom build and coupled to a re-coded Toyota RAV4 ECU by Gouky of Frankenstein Motorworks.
All the above work is now 95% completed in readiness for the arrival of the new chassis.
So all in all, I'm looking forward to the build and chatting with you guys in the forums.

Regards Gary

28-06-2017, 08:44
Hello Gary,
Seems like you have it pretty well sorted what you want to do and the way you are going to do it which is in complete contrast to me, I started breaking an Alfa then changed to Toyota power and I took a long time over other stuff like colour,wheelarch,interior etc, think what I ended up with was more luck than judgment. You have obviously completely rebuilt the engine, am interested whether you found any wear, as I understood it these engines are designed for 200,000 miles and are Toyota so should be bulletproof. I wanted a traditional looking stratos because that's what I had on my bedroom wall when I was a kid, wish I had the balls and knowledge to go for something a bit more modern like yourself. As you say at risk of upsetting the purist maybe it's time to move things on a bit. Good luck with it

30-06-2017, 22:16
Hi Rob

Your comments are much appreciated. Like yourself, the Stratos always fascinated me as a youngster, mainly for it’s futuristic and beautiful timeless looks which I feel is still relevant today.
The engine originally came from a Toyota Avalon Kentucky USA as part of a MR2 forum group buy for a failed project (not mine). I was told this unit had covered 33k when in fact it was more like 78k with many external components missing, swapped for duds or damaged.
TIP: Toyota put the vehicle’s VIN as well as the engine number on their engine blocks, so with a little research it’s relatively easy to check the donor vehicle’s history.
No matter what mileage the unit had covered I was always going to rebuild it for my own piece of mind. However, after measuring component tolerances I was amazed to find minimal wear and no swarf to be seen … anywhere! The engineering and quality of this power unit is very impressive indeed.
Rob, you should be very proud of what you have finially created, it's a work of art and inspired me, especially when you took me for an impromptu test drive last september at LB HQ.
I would like to bring you attention to my recent PM to you as I need your assistance regarding your Stratos induction tube length.


01-07-2017, 05:29
I did reply to your personal message Gary but you obviously didn't get the reply for some reason, I am in the midst of a house move involving moving into temporary accommodation for 6 weeks and the car is in storage so am unable to take any measurements at the moment. I anticipate getting it out of storage within the next 2 weeks, soon as I have it again will measure the intake pipe as requested and PM you. On a different subject there is a feature on LB in the latest issue of Total Kit Car just come out. Haven't read it yet.

Stratos Fear
01-07-2017, 20:37
Hi Gary - I'm down in Arundel and have a blue LB which will be a Stradale - virtually finished up to the bodywork stage - which I'm waiting on now. Mine is 2.5ltr 24V Busso - so a relatively straightforward "standard" build. You are welcome to drop down and take a look if you like - just PM me.

Peter C

02-07-2017, 17:58
Sorry Rob, didn't receive that one. May have been lost during the website transfer recently ?. It's not a problem, when ever your ready. I'll be using your info to facilitate an engine test run before I receive the chassis later this year (Fingers crossed).
Bought the magazine today....woohoo, you and your beautiful Stratos are famous and I'm glad Lydia and Craig have got some well deserved positive exposure. All they need to do now is expand the business to cope with onslaught of extra orders resulting from the article.

02-07-2017, 18:07
Hi Peter, would love to. PM sent.