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23-09-2017, 18:52
Hello all, I just put a deposit down on a LB STR Toyota kit. I've never built a kit before, but I've built 3 BMW race cars that I race with NASA and BMWCCA. While I loved building those cars, I HATED working with used/dirty parts (call me anal). Same experience restoring older cars, cleaning and rust removal drove me nuts. I just love the idea of building a car with ALL brand new shiny parts!

I considered a GT40 for a long while, but they're too $$$ and a little bit too much in the American muscle car category. I had a Tamiya Stratos model kit when I was a kid, and always thought it was cool. Now I'm ready to build a real one! Looking forward to the project, but not looking forward to selling one of my E30 M3s to fund it!


24-09-2017, 01:35
welcome, ask plenty of questions and gather all the info you can