View Full Version : Bernie Rooney From Supersite

Grp4 Stratos
28-09-2011, 21:20
Is this now the official new forum and Supersite is dead and buried ?????

The Slug
28-09-2011, 22:14
We cant speak for the supersite, however we are working and on line, and intend to stay that way.
We have no connection with the supersite other than we all used to use it.....Welcome

28-09-2011, 22:18
The Supersite was never 'ours' Bernie, that was always the issue if anything ever happened....and now it has. I hope it does come back up and I hope everything is ok with Dave W too, but as a club we always needed our own space. Even previous club sites were all owned and donated by DW so we owe him a lot, but the club needed independence.

28-09-2011, 22:51
One question - since this website and forum are now owned by the club, does that mean that all information posted herein is now SEC intellectual property? I only bring it up because of past suggestions about republishing forum posts as tech articles in newsletters and such.