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16-01-2018, 13:59
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Doesn't the Peter Hubbard Allora beat any Corse for that title. (kit purchaser = current owner)
I'll bet there are still some unfinished Transformer's bought in the 80s and still not sold on? Although I can't think of any?

I just came across this thread and thought I would give an update and re-join the club.
Well after 30 years I still have my Allora although its not running due to - well everything not working or seized.
I will be commencing a bit of a rebuild later this year to get it moving and then look at doing a few upgrades to brakes, suspension etc.
My big issue is the windscreen has delaminated in the corners and I somehow suspect I wont get another.

I will be watching my old mate Norman Briers who is in the throws of a LB after having an Allora for a while which amazingly used a donor car with the same reg as mine, apart from the last number with 664R and mine was 667R.

16-01-2018, 16:06
Hi Peter,

Well done on pulling your car out of the garage. Is that a 1995 tax disc in the window?
I have had my Allora since 2001 and have changed/modified quite a bit on it over the years.
On the old forum there was a suppliers list of the windscreens for the different kits, I will have a look in my file and see if I have that information. Maybe Craig would remember/know more about suppliers for the Allora.

Be good to see yours on the road,bring the number to three in the UK.

I not far away in Watford,maybe I could bring mine up sometime soon?


David J
16-01-2018, 17:43
As Tom said it is great to hear that you are planning to recommission your car. I have carried out a whole series of modifications to my Allora over the years such as replacing all the wishbones both front and rear. Incidentally regarding the brakes I have kept faithfull to 132 front discs and calipers, the rear uses Beta front discs and X19 rear calipers without a servo so a good push is required.

If you require any details of the mods carried out to my car please do not hesitate to get in touch.


16-01-2018, 19:14
Hey Pierre, good to see you on here! Glad you're finally getting round to giving the old girl some much-needed T&C. But so much for Julie, what are you doing about the car?? Haha! (for God's sake don't tell her I said that...!!)
I take it that's a 22-year-old photo? Either that or your paint's come up remarkably well!
Looking forward to seeing how you get on...hoping it's not too much work to get 'er going again. Although it sounds like you might need the services of a tractor to drag it out of the garage...

17-01-2018, 09:58
Hi Peter,

good choice to get it back on the road!
if I can help with some reconstruction solutions ask me!
i can send also some pictures and spare part numbers from the modifications.


17-01-2018, 11:55
Hi all
Thanks for the replies - and incidentally the picture is recent - late 2017 so the paint is indeed 26 years old. It was done by a family member who specializes in restoring Aston Martins so it was a really good job.
Taking the brake pads out makes moving it fairly easy but i have to remind people not to push it using the bodywork !
It might well be a 1995 tax disc stuck to the glass so that makes me realize how long its been sat in the garage although it did have a quick run round the village green and back regularly.
I remember taking it for its first MOT whilst off work when my second child was born. It blew a core plug during the test covering the tester in hot water and the crankcase seal to the gearbox went on the way back as the "specialist" rebuilder didn't replace them during the "full" engine rebuild - idiot !!
My wife was very understanding when I told her I needed to take the gearbox back out the day after its first outing.
I will be gleaning as much info from the offers I have already received - particularly in the braking department.
Although the Beta engine is a bit basic and not the most powerful thing around I don't propose to change it just yet.


17-01-2018, 12:06
I'll bet there are still some unfinished Transformer's bought in the 80s and still not sold on? Although I can't think of any?
There's at least 575 that aren't on the radar.

15-06-2019, 11:46

'Before I forget. Here's where I got those stainless silencer boxes from:
David J. should be able to advice on the bore and length.