View Full Version : London Classic Car Show

16-02-2018, 17:42
First and Last time I think for me. Star of the visit was to see and hear this Strato's.

Does anyone recognise it?

Made the best sound of any of the competition cars that pranced down the central cat walk.

Strat Fan
16-02-2018, 19:00
It's the same car that was at Car Fest South last year, ex Gerhard P from Germany. Was previously red with a white roof. It is quite identifiable because of the unusual spacing on the roof spoiler pillars.
The owner did say he was at the World Stratos Meet in 2016 with the car as well.

17-02-2018, 12:24
Very flat roof / arched spoiler combo. Even originals look like an Allora!

17-02-2018, 18:15
Was previously red with a white roof.

As seen here:

Guy Mayers
17-02-2018, 19:08
Here it is on the road at the World Stratos Meet 2016 in Bella. The roof spoiler is clearly just wrong...