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John Roth
11-03-2018, 18:18
Considering buying a Stratos kit and joined really to get information. I use my hobby cars a lot and I'm a concerned about ergonomics. Is it comfortable to drive? I don't care about ingress and egress but once in the car I don't want to be twisted up like pretzel. I'd like to get an up close look at one before I get serious about buying.



Guy Mayers
11-03-2018, 19:46
Build it suit your driving position with a comfortable seat and they're fine. We did a trip from the East side of Lake Garda (Malcesine) down to the Italian plains then up through France to Reims in a day, just under 1000 miles and very little on motorway. Yes, tired at the end but not wrecked! Depending on where you are it may be necessary to fit aircon as they can get warm when sitting in traffic in the sun. They're not the quietest of cars but some soundproofing is possible and choice of exhaust makes a difference.
Welcome to the madhouse!

11-03-2018, 19:47
Hi John, welcome along.

As you say it can be a bit tricky getting in and out, depending on your size and shape, where you've got the seat positioned and whether or not you've got a removable steering wheel, and removable lower legs. I find the car very comfortable once I'm in. Seat position is spot on, I've got the pedals exactly where I want them, I feel I sit at just the right height to see between the dash and the top of the window, I'm 5'10" if that helps.

As above, if it's a sunny day it gets very warm.

John Roth
17-03-2018, 15:06
Thanks. I'm about 5'9". My ergonomics worries may be unfounded.

John Roth
17-03-2018, 15:07
One more question. Any thought on how many replicas have been produced? Again thanks.


20-03-2018, 11:34
where in the US are you? Maybe someone local can meet with you.

John Roth
20-03-2018, 18:23
I split my time between Ohio and Los Angeles. I greatly appreciate anyone who can walk me around their car.

21-03-2018, 08:59
Welcome John. Im 6ft and can get in with a helmet on. I had to drop the seat to the floor and more it towards the centre of the car a bit.
You can make it work!