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The Slug
07-05-2018, 18:40
I would just like to say a big thank you to all who sent Jayne, and myself best wishes at the AGM and for all the kind words afterwards.

I'm not, and have no intention of leaving you all in the lurch and will help Jeff for as long as he needs me to.

I'm sorry I could not pop into the marquee and see you all but I'm just a silly old softy, and to have done so would have been a disaster for me, and I forgot the tissues.

I'm sure you know i'm grateful.
Also to John Griffen for nominating us as life members..... Thank you John.

From the both of us have a great summer and enjoy your cars as they should be.....driven

Jayne & Ian

07-05-2018, 19:44
I will be working with Ian for as long as necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless handover is achieved. Having had a brief chat with Ian after the AGM and an initial cursory scan through things I can say that Ian has been working harder on the web site and forum than I believe most people understand. There has been a tremendous amount of time and effort put in to get these facilities to where they are today, but (as is so often the case with computer and software systems) work has to be continued as changes imposed by the software packages utilised and decisions by the club itself have to be planned and tested before being let loose for real. Anyway, enough for the moment.

I just wanted to add my thanks to Ian for his hard work in the past, the time and effort which is unquestionably required during this hand over period and for his help in the future which I am sure I shall be calling upon.

LM mic
07-05-2018, 21:49
Michel's wife writting:
Thank you to Jayne and Ian !!
I was very surprised to receive some very nice flowers from England and a little note for wishing me a quick recovery. Thank you so much to all of you, I felt very sensible to this kindness from you. With Michel , who has been helping me a lot since the begining, my children and grand-children are very close to me and I feel secure with the hospital treatment, and I am sure I will recover . Thanks again to all of you.

The Slug
07-05-2018, 23:47

Your more than welcome..

Best wishes from all of us....XX

08-05-2018, 09:51
A Nicole et Michel

Toutes mes pensées et tous mes meilleurs vœux de guérison
en espérant vous revoir bientôt