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Stratos Fear
16-07-2018, 20:09
Mark (Redline) and I went to the FoS yesterday in Mark's Zenith Stratos and were able to park in the very special Performance Car Park (mainly due to a cancellation as the person I was attending with wasnt able to go). Apparently the Stratos is on the list of special cars entitled to use this car park. Because it was a last minute arrangement we didnt have time to declare it was a replica on the permit although did check by phone and it was OK)

Surprisingly Mark's car was the only Stratos of any sort attending - despite the fact that there was a display of rally cars going back to the early 1960's

FoS just gets bigger and bigger every year - you need more than one day to see everything that happens here - there seems to be just about every type of autosport represented (although not much ice - racing)

This would be a good event next year for the Southern contingent to meet-up (or anyone else from SEC)

We'll plan this one in the diary once we know the dates.

Fastest car up the hill - for the first time ever - was an electric car ! The future is here !

18-07-2018, 20:09
I'll be interested Peter.

Stratos Fear
18-07-2018, 20:21
Thanks Gary - hopefully we can arrange another southern group meeting before this as well.

21-07-2018, 21:51
I find myself going to Goodwood Revival in September. Anybody else?
Any do's or don'ts?

Stratos Fear
22-07-2018, 08:41
Hi Chris

I didnt get tickets for this event this year but it's good fun. Dress in period (this means anything from 1940's to mid 60's - when the circuit was used for "serious" racing) - and enjoy the day. You could spend all day wandering around just the peripheral stuff but you will find the noisy stuff on the circuit quite interesting too! The great thing about Goodwood is that you can walk around the paddock area quite freely - and there will also be some aircraft to look at as well (it started life as RAF Westhampnett - a subsidiary aerodrome to RAF Tangmere (Battle of Britain location) just a few miles away.

Enjoy the day - it's a shame I'm not going myself !


22-07-2018, 13:44
If you very get the opportunity to go to the members meetings which is usually in March that is fantastic, not dissimilar to the revival, but a lot less people , and you have access everywhere.