View Full Version : Stratos Alternative, if you want?

30-07-2018, 15:01
Doodling on ebay and just came across this, thought i would post as it is an interesting different take.

eBay item number:

30-07-2018, 19:26
Very nice, watching to see what it goes for

Stratos Fear
30-07-2018, 19:28
[QUOTE][183349933270/QUOTE] ................................ ?

Am I missing something ?

Guy Mayers
30-07-2018, 19:33
Try this link.


Stratos Fear
30-07-2018, 19:40
OK got it! That is one very nice car but with 8 days still to run it looks like it will clock up a few more quid yet.

Guy Mayers
30-07-2018, 20:08
Lovely piece of kit but I'd actually prefer this from our good friend Richard..



30-07-2018, 20:58
Ooo, that's interesting.... what would you call it? A Lanciromeo Montereal?? Haha! Quite a lot of work gone into that, and very nice!

But...I've seen Richard's Beta Coupe in the metal and the condition is unbelievable. Solid as a rock, still on original sills and strut towers etc. Paint is amazing, all the bits are there and it's probably cleaner than when it left the factory....if only I had somewhere to put it! But I don't think I could do it justice anyway - it's one of those motors that's been jacked up, wheels off and cleaned everywhere after every run, and I couldn't keep that sort of enthusiasm going long past the first run out...in fact not even after the first run... suppose that's how it is when you have one of those "life" thingies to keep going ;)
If, however, you are of such persuasion (and good luck to ya if so), get in there quick, cos I don't know where you'd find another anywhere near as good as that one.

Richard - commission to the usual account please - ta ;) :) :)

Guy Mayers
30-07-2018, 22:12
Garage has been measured and I haven't got enough headroom for that Beta. It really does need someone to be it's next guardian. I haven't seen it in the flesh yet and daren't just in case I can't resist! Need another garage and a carcoon..


30-07-2018, 22:44
Thanks for the comments, gents!

It's one of those cars that I wish I could mothball for a few years. The values of these cars continue to rise, and this has got to be one of the best ones out there. Like Norm says, I've no idea how it's got this far without major structural repairs, etc. I think it's priced pretty cheaply, too, for what it is...! (but then I would say that, wouldn't I!)

PS Norm - cheque in post :cool:

30-07-2018, 23:19
The Montecarlo is attracting interest in the Twittersphere and beyond...


31-07-2018, 07:12
Red Monte V6

31-07-2018, 07:25
Dark blue 24v Monte: