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14-08-2018, 20:47
Tried to get my lad into all things petrol. After taking him to donington historic and ford festival he got hooked. To be fair he set a clear ambition for a MK3 Escort 3 Door and stuck to his guns. The original plan if he found such a car for sensible money was to have a black like lady DIs look alike with a Zetec on throttle bodies. He found a 1.3L in London where he works with a view to me viewing before he bought. Being 24 he bought it anyway. Sunday it was delivered to my house in Derby and it’s a cracker, to the extent we’re going to keep original and do minor cosmetics. 34000 on the clock and appears unwelded and all original. Dull as ditchwater but we’ve given it a polish and redone front bumper. TBH front wheel drive Fords aren’t my scene having owned a MK1 Escort lotus twincam, a Capri 3.0s and later an fwd XR3. Hope you enjoy.

14-08-2018, 21:39
Bloody Hell, that's in not bad nick at all! Was gonna say "where do they come from" but having also driven one of those 1.3s back in the day, I can understand why you'd keep it in the garage and never bother using it unless you really, really had to...

Funny though, isn't it, how stuff like that, which was commonplace and practically a disposable item, is now suddenly interesting! Good on No. 1 Son for tracking it down and buying it! There's a fella round here who I sometimes see in a quite well-preserved two-tone-green Vauxhall Chevette saloon - Y-reg so 1982. Wouldn't have touched it with a bargepole back then, but now it's weirdly attractive....god, I hope I don't get like this with wimmin, or I'm doomed...

15-08-2018, 07:04
Nice one... a bit after my time with Fords but this appears to be a really genuine car.... and easy to work on !!.... get on top of the minor bits that need doing and then keep it !

17-08-2018, 01:46

Stratos Fear
17-08-2018, 08:31
Lovely car in fine condition. I'm reminded of a Ford Anglia I saw a couple of years ago that looked superb in a two-tone colour scheme of white and pale blue. Back in the day I wouldnt have looked twice at it, but now that they are so rare it stands out from the crowd and brings back loads of great memories. I hope this Escort does the same for your son !

25-10-2018, 20:06
In between building the LB been working on the Escort with my lad. A 1.3 MK3 is unlikely to be on anyone’s bucket list but this was so tidy and deserves survivor status. It was motd when we got it and the plan is a rolling resto as LB in garage and don’t want any dust or grinding rubbish in there hence working on drive whilst weather fine. Ultimately will be stripped and fettled before sending off for paint. Wishing to keep roadworthy first thing was new shocks and springs all round coupled with new discs, pads and rear linings. Cambelt and oil changed plus service ancillaries. Ran fine. MOT now ran out so started on the only real corrosion which was lower rear qtrs and bottom of the arches. Work in progress but happy with the results.

Stratos Fear
25-10-2018, 20:20
Nice work Neil - and well worth it on so many levels - and particularly for your son ! It's a pity my daughter isnt so keen on cars !!

25-10-2018, 20:26
Agreed, great job there! But it's so long since I saw an escort I'm finding it hard to believe they actually made interiors like that!