View Full Version : Wanted 3.2 donor; 2.5 gearbox etc

25-10-2018, 23:32
Hi – I am currently looking for a 3.2 donor car – ideally lowish mileage. Happy with an MOT failure or write-off as long as the front end is good (obviously I need all the engine ancillaries incl ECU & engine loom etc).
Also looking for a good condition / low mileage 2.5V6 gearbox – ideally with a Q2 diff but not essential.
And solid clutch & flywheel….
Thanks for your help.

Guy Mayers
26-10-2018, 08:26
Have you tried Autolusso?

26-10-2018, 23:18
Hi Guy - spoken to Autolusso a couple of times. They seemed more interested in selling me a 3.0 litre rather than a 3.2

Guy Mayers
27-10-2018, 13:47
Try Autolusso Penrith or Bournemouth then? Just because Ned hasn't got a 3.2 in stock doesn't mean one of the other "branches" won't have one?

Stratos Fear
28-10-2018, 10:23
Laurence is the guy to speak to at Autolusso South . They call it Autolusso Bournemouth but it's a few miles from there - in Ferndown in fact. As Guy hints the Autolusso name is just a banner, like a franchise - and as I understand it, each "branch " is an autonomous business. Laurence supplied and re-built my 3 ltr so it is possible he may have or know of, a 3.2 ltr - although as you know these are becoming rarer.

28-10-2018, 12:02
I have 2 Alfa GT 3.2 engined cars for breaking.

They have both covered approx 90k but these engines are as new when you strip them.

They are both running and one has a current MOT.

They are complete cars with solid flywheels and both have Q2 diffs.

You can drive them away!!

If anyone is interested pm me.