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23-11-2018, 14:15
Hi Guys, I am a new member from Pennsylvania, USA. I have many of the drive train and suspension parts needed for a kit build. But still looking for a body and frame . There are none over here in the USA or Canada. Hoping to find a pre owned kit that needs to be built.

24-11-2018, 01:21
Welcome the the forum - it's always good to see USA based membership on the increase! It's very rare to see un-built preowned kits on the market these days and even less so in the US given so few have been imported to begin with. The dollar/sterling exchange rate is pretty good at the moment, so might be worth comparing a new kit from the UK versus holding out for something used of unknown quality that might up more trouble/expense than you thought (if it ever comes available to begin with). Regardless of direction you go though, you've come to the right place - plenty of good people here to answer whatever questions you might have if you embark on the Stratos kit build "journey" :)