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jock hawk
17-01-2019, 21:04
hi to all. my friends call me jock being a Scotchman and im living in wales i have been given the opportunity to build a hawk stratos for a friend.i new very little about this car four weeks ago but have been crashing coursing ever since started on the spanners on Friday )would haply take any advice that any one wants to give .i have on my hands to start with currently! kit grp 4 smooth arch hawk kit with up graded rose joint arms ect setup with coil-over kit gold top mounts rear, front hubs gold 5 x98 upgrade. original build planed was based round 3.0 v6 12v and there is a few more parts provided by hawk. but after a bit of home work on this site, and on the bases the car is to be sold once built, this may not be the best way forward so iv found a 3.0 24v gtv donor car. giving a v5 which there isn't presently, my currant concerns are that the kit was built to accommodate the above mention 12v which is present and newly recondition, also present, gear box and ecu from 164. which i believe you use lancer beta shafts with lancer integrale outer cv joint and 5 stud flang with a fso front wheel bearing to fit current rear hubs . does this change if i go to 24v application seems il need to keep reading what i can any advice welcome .will post some pics soon in the new build section when i can work out why i cant read some of the section on the site .i really didnt think id ever get the chance to build a kit car but now i have the chance im taking it, as i say shit or bust!!should be fun to trade story's with you guys taking on the same challenge ,and a laugh for some of the seasoned members watching us pulling our hair out :D but hopefully giving a bit of advice before your bold :p

Stratos Fear
18-01-2019, 08:58
What happened to Guy's response to this post?

18-01-2019, 09:18
What happened to Guy's response to this post?

This is a new and different thread. Guy's response is still there.

Guy Mayers
18-01-2019, 12:43
Hi (again) rear hubs - use a Lancia Beta front bearing with a circlip or lockring depending on the age. The hub itself is a 5 stud one from either and Integrale or an Alfa 147 which all have the 5*98PCD pattern. The FSO bearing is the same as Fiat 131/132/Argenta and will fit the gold front hubs you've got. Note that the spindles are handed, try to buy a bearing kit that includes the locknuts and if you need the washers for the stub axle (they have a tongue that fits the groove in the spindle to stop rotation) give Gerry Hawkridge a call. I think he's got a stock left from a batch I bought & donated when I needed 2 myself.

18-01-2019, 17:58
The hub itself is a 5 stud one from either and Integrale or an Alfa 147 which all have the 5*98PCD pattern.

Here's a useful thread:

jock hawk
18-01-2019, 22:54
hello guy thank you for that very us-full, all the front components were there for the front axle except the two washers which jerry at hawk was kind enough to donate. thank you jerry ) i was hoping to post some picks of the weeks work but dont seem to see a way of doing so , maybe some one could advise ?i have all the front components assembled rear up rights in place i have sourced two day the outer cv and hub flange from walkers so that will arrive Tuesday hopefully. i have the long beta shaft with the support , but still need to source shorter one and was struggling to find wheel bearing for rear hub. hub is a cir-clip approx size 81mx37x37 but thanks to your self gut i know what im looking for now and that,s be a wee job for the weekend) many thanks i tried the link posted below but was not permitted access ? but all in all a good week i shall keep you informed and maybe pics if i can work it out lol

Guy Mayers
18-01-2019, 23:22
Errrm. Beta shafts should be the same length. Have you got Beta Montecarlo ones? Kit uses Alfa engine and box plus the Alfa intermediate shaft.

19-01-2019, 08:05
For the Integrale / Alfa 147 (twin spark) hub, the wheel bearing size is 72mm OD x37mm ID x37mm thick.

19-01-2019, 09:39
I have vague recollection that very early Betas did have unequal length halfshafts, I think the centre bearing was an early mod? I stand to be corrected though.
So if you have unequal you would need the short cross shaft and the bearing assembly and mounting as well as the half shaft to the wheel.


Guy Mayers
19-01-2019, 10:10
Yes Peter, first series Betas had a normal length left shaft and a very long right shaft but that changed very early on to equal length ones with an intermediate shaft incorporating the engine mounts we're all familiar with. Current Hawk builders obviously don't need the Beta intermediate shaft assembly, just the outer shafts mated to the Alfa intermediate with spacer adaptor plates to bridge the gaps and cope with the difference PCD's between the Alfa drive flanges and the Beta inner CV joints.


19-01-2019, 11:07
Makes more sense to not bother with drive shaft adaptors and just have a pair of new shafts made.

19-01-2019, 12:07
The inter shaft is a front wheel drive feature.
Rear wheel drive Lancia Montecarlos (for example) don't have an inter shaft.
The Monte right hand long shaft is tubular/welded.

jock hawk
21-01-2019, 20:16
hi thank you for that info guys im only thought that the shafts were different lengths because because of the rear support bracket,as this has always been the case on the cars iv worked on in the past , the shaft was already here sure it will be fine . the rear hub that should take the beta bearing is not the case on the hub i have as the o/d is 80mm 37x37 hopefully have one from my parts man tomorrow. have tryed again to up load pic but once hit upload, it looses the page after a few mins of uploading ?

22-01-2019, 08:45
the rear hub that should take the beta bearing is not the case on the hub i have as the o/d is 80mm 37x37

If the rear hub you have takes an OD 80mm wheel bearing, you are supposed to fit an Alfa drive flange and wheel bearing (40mm ID).
If that's the case, NOT an Integrale/Alfa 147 drive flange and OD 72mm bearing (37mm ID).
Don't quote me on the above. Get someone to second that.

22-01-2019, 10:36
i tried the link posted below but was not permitted access ?

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