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02-02-2019, 09:30
Hi all

Is anyone else having trouble seeing page 1 of the "KITFEST 2019" post in EVENTS.

I can view page 2 of this post but when click to see page 1 it goes to a blank screen (except for the address bar)



02-02-2019, 09:46
Hi Alan,
Same for me page 2 is fine but blank screen for page 1
Rgds bob

David J
02-02-2019, 09:47
I get just the same, no sign of page 1.


02-02-2019, 10:00
Hmmm .... well, yes, it doesn't seem to be there. No obvious reasons as to why that is the case yet. I'll have a poke about.

02-02-2019, 11:48
So ... it looks like it is sending down a whole pile of HTML that does contain the page, but then does something that convinces the browser to display a blank page instead. I had other things on the cards for today.

The HTML being sent looks broken (chunks missing) for some reason not clear at present.

So, it looks like vBulletin (or perhaps the content in one of the posts) is trying to interface with a Facebook API which is failing. Cause of the failure would seem to be some version incompatibility according to the error message I can see when quizzing the browser about what's going on. There is also some problem with accessing some "skim link" service, though this is only flagged as a warning, so I wouldn't have expected this to kill off the whole page.

Can this be fixed? Probably not in the immediate future. This feels like it is quite deep into the mechanics of vBulletin and certainly outside my direct experience.

My best guess is that Facebook have changed their API, which is reasonable for them to do. It looks like their current API version is 3.2, and our version of vBulletin is calling them using v2.2. Facebook maintain a range of previous API releases they continue to support, but eventually they will drop the oldest. It's possible that this has just happened to v2.2.

There was another possible explanation for this "white screen" from vB' but in light of the error messages seen I am not placing this at the top of the probable causes list.

Last words for the time being: If you go to page two of the thread, then select "Thread Tools -> Show printable version" and then go backwards to page 1, you can see the content (albeit in printable form). hmm.

Maybe it's fixed. I can see that section of the thread now. The cause? Probably some errant HTML code that Alan accidentally slipped into his post when editing it. Not Alans fault, vBulletin should automatically strip it out, but didn't. A bug at the end of the day.

Could somebody confirm it's OK now. Ta.

02-02-2019, 18:29
Thanks Jeff

Didn't understand any of that ;)
Is it possible to delete the post and I will redo it with the updated information about who is going



02-02-2019, 19:14
I might have actually found what was wrong Alan. Can you see it now?

02-02-2019, 19:37
I might have actually found what was wrong Alan. Can you see it now?

Yes, well done that man