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26-02-2019, 14:14
Afternoon all. I have been a lurker for a while but have now paid up. The first step towards starting a build.

Before I start asking stupid questions that have been asked a hundred times before are there any topics on pro's cons of Hawk to LB?

Why choose one over the other?

My feeling is the Hawk will be more of a challenge in terms of the build and may be more difficult sourcing parts?

The LB more of an assembly job using pretty much a full kit form LB?

The finished car whatever it ends up being has to be as easy to live with and drive as possible so my other half enjoys it too. So AC, heated screen etc a must. I don't want to have my dream car sat in the garage because it's too compromised to use to go to the shops.

Any pointers appreciated.

Guy Mayers
26-02-2019, 17:36
Go see examples of both manufacturers products and talk to the builders. A lot will depend on your budget and abilities. There are supporters of both marques but only you can decide which one you ultimately get. Take advice against a particular kit with a pinch of salt unless they've built examples of both cars!
Richard can probably show you a Lister Bell in Manchester and I can show you a Hawk in Liverpool in completed and under construction forms.
As for taking either to the shops that's up to you! I wouldn't want to do the weekly Iceland run - it'll defrost before you get home!

26-02-2019, 18:45
What Guy said. But whatever you do, be realistic about what you can and can't do - which parts of the build you'll have to farm out (paint, trimming, whatever). And after adding up everything, stick another 15 - 20% on top for unforeseen stuff!

Good Luck whichever one you go for - and by the way - welcome to the club! :)

26-02-2019, 19:41
Thanks Guy that's very kind of you, I will take you up on that soon.
I have some experience building kit cars but as you say Norm, the trimming and paint will be beyond me. 15-20% on top seems very reasonable :-)

I have known Gerry for many years and seen Dudley build several Hawk cars over the years but only been exposed to the LB at shows.

From looking at the 2 price lists the cost seems broadly similar if you buy most parts from the manufacturer. I guess the Hawk car gives more options in terms sourcing your own parts and ending up with a fairly standard finish.

Keep the advice coming. All very welcome.

26-02-2019, 19:47
Rog, if you've already built a kit, you know what to expect. I did an Allora 30 years ago and I'm not far off completion of a LB - I can tell you the LB is very comprehensive and great to build. I expect to be on the road by June (it says here...) so that's a 15-month build, same time as Richard (who's mentioned by Guy).
But, as Guy says, you gotta make your own mind up - both kits have their fans! Dunno where in Cheshire you are, but if you want to see mine you might be able to get a look down at the paint shop (in Widnes) if it's in the next couple of weeks...

Gordon Caro
26-02-2019, 20:31
As you are probably aware the Kit car show at Stoneleigh in May is the best place to go and talk to many people who have built all types of Stratos themed kits. Some of these are over 20 years old now. The club stand last year had many vehicles on display. The two main manufacturers are also present and have stands showing their products. As the other guys above have mentioned it comes down to personal preference and what you can and want to do. Yesterday I went to see a friend who is building a Hawk and I can understand the allure of going that route. I have a LB which has been on the road 15 months now so if you want to come to Derbyshire I can show you around.

Guy Mayers
26-02-2019, 21:34
Some of these are over 20 years old now.


Some are over 30 years old now. Fortunately it's stood the test of time pretty well. Unlike it's owner/builder!


26-02-2019, 21:40
…...and so are the owners

26-02-2019, 22:13
Guy, was your car on the Hawk stand at Race Retro?

Guy Mayers
27-02-2019, 07:33
Yes, the Pirelli one.