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28-03-2019, 14:36
Hi everyone, just a quick note to introduce myself and thank the admins for allowing me to join. Like most of you, I have always loved the Lancia Stratos and for many years wanted to build one. Well now I'm older I have a bit more disposable cash so I am starting my search in earnest. At the moment I will plan to build a kit from scratch, however if I am lucky enough to stumble on a part built kit I would consider that.

Thanks again


28-03-2019, 17:48
Hi Rob.
Welcome to the forum. I'm in Cheshire too.
There are quite a few cars and kits in the North West and I'm sure there will be a few folks willing to help you with your learning curve.

Guy Mayers
28-03-2019, 17:54
Just North of Liverpool with a Hawk on the road and another under construction..

Steve C
28-03-2019, 20:35
Just over the border in Powys....with a LB in the cow shed.


28-03-2019, 21:29
Hiya Rob - glad to have you onboard! Plenty of experience here so if you've any questions, just ask! Good time to start researching as the club AGM is only 5 weeks off at the Stoneleigh kit car show, so you can see the manufacturers as well as several built cars at first hand, and talk to peeps at the same time as stuffing your face with a complimentary burger on the club stand :)

Guy Mayers
28-03-2019, 22:10
And there's a garage day at Uncle Phil's unless you're planning on going to the Grand National.... Personally, I cannot wait to get away from it!

29-03-2019, 03:36
Thanks for the welcome guys, hoping to get to the Stoneleigh show and definitely not interested in the horses. Where about is ' Uncle Phils'?

29-03-2019, 07:21
He's near Newark - goes under the username "Bernard" on here (no, I don't know why either...). If you look in the "Events" section you'll see a thread about it. Reply to that if you fancy going, and he'll send you details of where it is, as long as he's not oversubscribed, that is!

Guy Mayers
29-03-2019, 07:30
Phil aka Bernard (Darniche) because there's a passing resemblance and his first Stratos is a Chardonnet scheme.
Lives near Southwell, Nottinghamshire and famous for his garage days!

29-03-2019, 09:14
Ahh, Bernard DARNICHE....riiight. In that vein, I shoulda used the alias "Arnie" and bought a Humvee. :-P