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07-05-2019, 22:56
Committee Members 2019
Folks, after the AGM and ratification, here's this year's committee - who's doing what, and any vacant positions. I know this should really be posted in the "Current Committee Members" section of the Forum, but it won't let me create a new thread - probably not got the correct authority or whatever, so if someone who has got that access level reads this, can you move it please - ta.

Chairman - Norm Briers (Normb666)
Vice-Chairman - John Griffin (Griff)
Secretary - Norm Briers (Normb666)
Treasurer - Mark Eaton (Redline)
Membership - Mark Eaton (Redline)
Events Secretary -
Press Officer - Tim Heath (Lancialulu)
Regalia -
Webmaster - Ste Williamson (colleyv12)

As you can see, we're still short of an Events Sec and a Regalia Officer. Anyone fancy a go?



08-05-2019, 01:15
Hi Carol
I am interested in the Regalia post ( I assume that's merchandise ). Maybe events sec too, but will need a good briefing about that task.
Kind regards
Simon Panter

The Slug
08-05-2019, 08:21
Sorted it Carol.

Stratos Fear
08-05-2019, 09:09
Hi Norm

If Simon does the Regalia (and I know there was a discussion about out-sourcing it) , I'll have a crack at the Events role (or it could be vice versa)

Let me know if this helps and I'd appreciate a briefing on whichever role you bestow .

Many thanks


08-05-2019, 14:08
Ian, Ta for moving this topic. Maybe I'll be able to do it meself one day, when I'm old enough :)

Peter, Simon - Also Big Ta for the offers of help. I'll be taking you both up on that (mwahahahaaa!) and I'll be in touch via PM shortly!

08-05-2019, 15:05
Norm, if someone want to send me the details for managing the site, might be able to sort it out quicker, Regards and nice to meet you the other day

08-05-2019, 15:11
Cheers Ste - always good to catch up with peeps and meet them "for real" :)
I think Mark will be in touch shortly as he's got/will be getting the club's laptop from Jeff. I think he was planning to sort something by way of a handover, but don't know how he'll get the computer to you yet (unless you'll be at Kitfest at Santa Pod?)

08-05-2019, 15:42
Im planning on being at Santa Pod, might be the best time to hand over

Oh, and ive been called Steve and Stephen, and other things, but never abbreviated that far down to Ste, quite catchy isn't it;)

08-05-2019, 18:53
Well I thought it was better than "Hey You"... haha!