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17-06-2019, 21:00
Well, this last weekend’s Kitfest marked the occasion of Carol and John’s final “official” event, running the regalia stand and the club muster-point, so on behalf of all the club members, I’d like to say a big Thanks for all their efforts doing that very thing over the years. They’ve attended loads of functions, at each of them erecting, manning and dismantling marquees, tents, etc. and providing drinks and food for members, often at their own expense, and in all weathers. Who can forget such tales of derring-do as Carol’s bravery at the Battle of Stoneleigh, single-handedly defending the pitch from the invading forces of Harold Horsebox and his Mounted Minions, who’d got their event dates wrong? What about the Year of the Great Storm, when their motorhome was borne away by a freak tornado, only to turn up undamaged the following day, blocking the doors of Marks and Spencer’s in Coventry and denying entry to hundreds of women seeking worthy-but-unstylish underwear, and affecting M&S's bottom (ho, ho) line for years? These and other tales will go down in the SEC annals, to be repeated around the camp fire after the gas cylinder’s run out, for years to come.

So once again, a massive Thank You to the pair of them, and I hope they both enjoy their “retirement” - although we’ll still be seeing them at various events, maybe even in the Hawk, once John’s finished blowing up engines for a laugh.

All the best to them both!

Norm and the Gang

P.S. Only some of the above is true :)

17-06-2019, 23:00
Indeed, huge thanks to Carol and John for their enthusiasm and hard work. Really appreciated guys.

Stratos Fear
18-06-2019, 09:49
Yes - I support that - hope to see you still at future events.